Why go camping on vacation?

Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a long time but haven’t taken the plunge: going to a campsite to spend your vacations. If you’re missing a push, we give you the heavyweight reasons to enjoy a vacation you’ll want to repeat:


1- Do you have pets and children and want to go on vacation with everyone? A campsite is an excellent option! Many are pet-friendly and there are recreational and sports activities and facilities for family fun.

2- You can camp or stay in a bungalow. If one of the things that do not convince you is sleeping outdoors and you think that mosquitoes will not let you have sweet dreams. Then the bungalows are perfect for you. You will enjoy all the advantages of a campsite and the comfort of having a space with all the services for your enjoyment.

3- They give you a sense of peace and harmony. The campsites are surrounded by natural scenery. The contact with nature completely disconnects you from the routine and noise of the city. You feel calm and relaxed. An environment that will help you release stress and enjoy the simple things.

4- Everyone has fun. If you have children, you will feel safe in the campsite because they are enclosed and have multiple areas adapted to children.

5- Helps children increase their social skills. They are in an environment where play, contact with nature and activities make them gain confidence in themselves and help them relate in a friendly way with others.

6- You can go to the pool or the beach. Organize excursions or just take your time to rest. In a campsite you will not be bored but you will also find a place to rest.

7- You can cook for yourself, eat at the campsite restaurant or bar, or when you go for a walk. You will adjust the meals to your taste, needs and budget.

8- You have a sense of freedom. Campsites are informal spaces. You can dress however you feel most comfortable. Breakfast on the porch of the bungalow or the plot. In the campsites everyone has the same purpose: to have a good time and relax from the routine.

9- Beautiful nights. In the city we do not have the opportunity to admire the sky in all its splendor. In a campsite you can see the starry blanket or listen to the sound of the sea. Simply wonderful.

10- Peaceful days in contact with nature, disconnected from routine and with all the basic services within your reach. Great!