We know that when you have a pet, it’s part of your family. And when they decide to go on vacation, the ideal is to leave the whole family, including the dog(s). Fortunately many campsites admit our furry friends. Here are some tips to enjoy camping with your dog

Before the trip

First you have to find out if the campsite you are going to is “dog friendly”. At Camping Jávea our pitches take dogs and their needs into account. Find out more about the prices and services they offer. As well as the requirements and rules.

Have you already got the campsite? Great! Then catch up with the safety regulations for travelling with your dog. The basic requirements are: that your pet has a microchip, vaccination card and is wormed. Your vet may have information about this. Also ask your vet what you can take with you in the first aid kit in case of scratches.

Pack his suitcase. What can’t your dog lack? Your dog’s brush, bath gel, favorite toys, leash, muzzle, biscuits or snacks, food and containers for eating and drinking (preferably foldable, ideal for excursions or long walks). Poop bags. Your bed and, if you use it, a blanket. Also put an antiparasitic necklace or some spray that you can spray and protect it from bugs such as ticks or fleas.

You’re already at the campsite!

You’ve made your travel arrangements and now you’ve reached your destination. Congratulations! Your dog will want to inspect the place, take advantage and tell him where to eat, drink, rest and relieve himself.

Keep control of your dog at all times, so that it does not disturb other campers or cause any damage.

Your dog’s drinker should always be full of water, especially if it’s hot.

Take care of your dog’s routines. He’s on holiday, but it’s highly recommended that you keep his hours of walking and resting. That way you’ll feel less stressed and the change won’t affect you as much.

Activities with your dog

Enjoy the place and all the possibilities it offers you. You can go hiking with your perrete. They will surely have fun. You only have to choose routes that are at the level or are appropriate to go with your pet.

You can also go swimming if there is a suitable climate and if there is a river, beach or reservoir where they can enjoy a dip.

Play with your ball or stick. Take advantage of this holiday time to share with your family.