Tips for enjoying camping with your dog

We know that when you have a pet, it is part of your family. And when they decide to go on vacation, ideally the whole family should go, including the dog(s). Fortunately, many campgrounds welcome our furry friends. Here are some tips to enjoy camping with your dog

Before the trip

First you have to find out if the campsite you are going to is “dog friendly”. In Camping Jávea our plots take into account the dogs and their needs. Find out more about the prices and services they offer. As well as requirements and standards.

Do you already have a campsite? Great! Then get up to date with the safety regulations for traveling with your dog. The basic requirements are that your pet has a microchip, vaccination card and is dewormed. Your veterinarian may have the information. Also ask what you can carry in the first aid kit in case of a scrape.

Pack her suitcase. What can’t your dog be without? Their brush, bath gel, favorite toys, leash, muzzle, cookies or snacks, food and food and drinking bowls (preferably collapsible, ideal for excursions or long walks). Poop bags. Your bed and if used, a blanket. Also put an anti-parasite collar or a spray that you can spray on him and protect him from bugs such as ticks or fleas.

You are already at the campsite!

You have made your travel arrangements and now you have arrived at your destination. Congratulations! Your dog will want to inspect the place, so take advantage of this and show him where to eat, drink, rest and relieve himself.

Keep control of your dog at all times, so that it does not bother other campers or cause any damage.

Your dog’s water bowl should always be filled with water, especially in hot weather.

Take care of your routines. He is on vacation, but it is highly recommended that you keep his walking and resting hours. This way you will feel less stressed and the change will not affect you as much.

Activities with your dog

Enjoy the place and all the possibilities it offers. You can go hiking with your dog. They are sure to have fun. You just have to choose routes that are at the level or appropriate to go with your pet.

You can also go swimming if the weather is suitable for it and if there is a river, beach or reservoir where they can enjoy a dip.

He plays with his ball or stick. Take advantage of this vacation time to share with your family.