Recipe ideas for cooking at the campsite

Going camping can be a great opportunity to eat very tasty and healthy recipes. So give up the belief that camping is living on sandwiches. Here are some recipe ideas for cooking at the campsite: easy and fun.

You can buy the ingredients at the nearest supermarket, no hassle! You only need to have a few basic tools such as a cooler to keep food fresh. In addition to a portable charcoal grill and/or gas stove. A pan, a knife and tongs to turn what you are going to cook.

Now it is! Hands on camping food. And always remember: when you are going to cook in a campsite you have to think of practical recipes, with few and easy ingredients. Here we tell them to you!


Skewers or brochettes are excellent options. So when you go camping take lots of sticks to make skewers. The great thing about this idea is that there are a variety of ways to prepare them. Your imagination will be the limit. You can make them with your favorite vegetables: paprika, onion, zucchini, tomato and mushrooms. Cut them into pieces and assemble your skewer. If you love bacon, incorporate it in pieces, it will give a lot of flavor. You also have the option of preparing the typical skewers of meat, pork and fish such as salmon. As well as shrimp with pineapple chunks, they are delicious! How do you dress them? It is very easy: salt and pepper will be enough. Although the barbecue sauce is very good, get it in any super market. And a little lemon will give it a nice flavor, especially when you make fish skewers.


Magic aluminum foil

We’ll tell you one thing: the grill and the foil can make a great team. Cut up a chicken breast, with vegetables, salt, pepper and barbecue sauce, wrap in aluminum foil and place on the grill. Cook over low heat. When you open the foil you’ll find a delicacy!

Cut a potato in half, place it on the aluminum foil, season it with salt and pepper and put your favorite cheese on top. Cover with foil and cook on the grill.

Wrap a fish in aluminum foil with lemon slices, chopped parsley, drizzle olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Let it cook on the grill.

And more ideas

Fill a casserole or frying pan with nachos, open a can of red beans and add them. Then top with diced tomato and onion, season with salt and pepper and finally with lots of yellow cheese. Now you can cover the pan with aluminum foil and cook on the grill or gas stove. When you see the cheese melt, it’s time to eat the best nachos!

You can also grill or barbecue pizza. You buy pre-made and pre-cooked pizza doughs, or frozen pizzas, and cook them on the grill – simply delicious!

We hope these ideas have whetted your appetite and that you are encouraged to cook at the campsite in the easiest and most fun way.