The ideal holidays are those that allow us to enjoy our surroundings and relax. That’s how campers think. Those who know that besides being fun, camping is an economic option, within reach of many pockets. If it encourages you, life in a campsite. Then read on because here we tell you what you need to know to have a great time!

1- Where to camp
Camping gives us a unique air of freedom. But we have to take into account certain aspects so that our stay does not stumble. The first is to choose where to camp. If you’re not used to it or if you’re a family, the best thing to do is to go to a campsite. They are safe and you will have access to many services, such as bathrooms, showers, swimming pools and recreational areas. And many offer plots and bugalows.
If you go camping free then we advise you to check if the area you want is authorized for campers. Most areas in Spain are not. There are no regulations at state level, but each Autonomous Community has its own regulations. The Spanish Federation of Camping Entrepreneurs (FEEC) can provide you with information about each place.

2- Look at the area
You know where you want to go. Then you will have to choose the campsite, whether you want to be close to the beach or not, and what services it offers. Or if you will stay in tents, cabins or bungalows or your own caravan. Check out all the services available in the campsite so you can enjoy without worries. It is very important that once you have seen the site you make your reservation, either by calling or online.

3- To prepare the backpack
Wear comfortable clothing and footwear, appropriate for the time of year you go camping. It is always advisable to bring something for the rain and coat.

4- Camping
Choose a camping tent that has strength in its fabrics and ease of assembly. Nowadays there is a great variety. Make sure the maximum number of people who enter it. Choose your sleeping bag according to the season you are going to camp and we always recommend to put an inflatable mattress under the bag for more comfort.

5- Food
Prioritize non-perishable foods to avoid the decomposition of foods. Also remember to carry a kitchen kit, there are usually some that sell ready with pots and pans. And also a camping stove.

6- First-aid kit and others
You go camping and need to bring a first aid kit. Some campsites have these first aid kits, but you can still bring your own.
It will also be very useful: a multi-purpose knife – Swiss classics are super useful! Mosquito repellent. Don’t miss this product, especially in summer.