Advantages of spending your vacation at a campsite this summer

Every day of this confinement is a novelty in terms of rules, do’s and don’ts… We are forced to keep our eyes wide open and be connected to current affairs to know what will happen tomorrow with our daily lives. And this also affects our vacations: what can we do this summer?

What is clear is that, as every year, you will also need to disconnect and take a break from daily stress: the physical and mental wear and tear of so many months of work, added to the exceptional situation we have experienced in recent months due to the coronavirus, makes your rest a necessity.

Why spend your vacations at a campsite

Have you ever gone camping? If not, it may be the ideal time to consider it. And if you’ve experienced it before, here’s why this year it has even more benefits:

– You will be able to make up for the “lost time” during the quarantine period when you have not been outdoors and in contact with nature: fresh air and starry skies, what more could you ask for?

– In a large open space it is much easier to maintain the social safety distance, which experts say is the most effective measure against the coronavirus.

– It will allow you to change of scenery with the independence that gives a bungalow or your own plot for caravan, and at a good price (since many domestic economies have suffered).

– If you have practiced sports during your confinement, you can continue your routine at the campsite’s sports facilities and further develop a great habit.

– Finally, if you travel with children, they experience this type of vacation with an incredible sense of freedom and create memories of “unforgettable summers”.

Camping Jávea is in a wonderful location, very close to the sea, beautiful coves and a natural environment that allows you to go hiking and cycling routes. It is an area rich in outdoor leisure activities and extraordinary beauty, as well as places of historical and cultural value to visit. With the security and tranquility that gives you at this time to make national tourism with all the guarantees.

We invite you to take an online tour of our facilities, so you can really imagine yourself on your vacation. You will see that the benefits of camping this summer are many more than we have suggested. Are you already seeing yourself looking at the stars?