9 things you must do in Jávea this year

Do you want your vacations to be unforgettable this 2020? If you like nature, good food and a bit of adventure or outdoor activities combined with a fantastic climate: Jávea is your ideal place. Here are seven things you must do in Jávea:

  • 1- The route of the viewpoints:

Undoubtedly, a must in Jávea is to make the route of the viewpoints. There are 15 points where you can admire the most beautiful landscapes of the Costa Blanca. The route is well signposted, and at each viewpoint we will obtain information about the area. Among the 15 scenarios spread along 25 kilometers of coastline are: Cap de Sant Antoni, El Molins, Punta del Castell, Séquia de la Nòria, Cala Blanca, Caletes, Creu del Portitxol, L’Illa, La Falzia, Cap Negre, Cap de la Nau, Granadella, Les Pesqueres, Ambolo, Castell de la Granadella.

  • 2- Beach days:

One of the things that causes more amazement and admiration in Jávea, is how diverse its 25 kilometers of coastline can be. Small and charming coves, beaches of fine sand or gravel and majestic cliffs, are the wonderful options you can enjoy in Javea. Some of its most popular beaches are: Cala Granadella, Cala La Barraca or Portitxol, Cala Blanca, Playa Arenal.

A calm sea of breathtaking blues that you will enjoy to the fullest and that you will want to frequent again and again.

  • 3- Paddle surfing, kayaking and snorkeling:

The tranquility of the marine waters in Jávea opens up a wide range of possibilities for water activities. The most popular activities you can enjoy are paddle surfing, kayaking and snorkeling. With the Kayak you can make interesting excursions, in which you can go along the coast of Javea from Cala Granadella to Cap de la Nau. You can visit caves and cliffs.

Snorkeling will be a fun way to do some sport, while you enjoy watching the enchanting marine fauna.

  • 4- Eat, eat and eat:

The gastronomy of Xàbia is ample in flavor and variety. You cannot leave this corner of the Mediterranean without tasting its delicious paellas and rice dishes in various presentations. Seafood predominates in its most typical recipes such as “cruet de peix” (fish stew), grilled octopus and rich fried fish. In addition to the “suc roig”, a traditional fish stew with tomato, ñora and paprika.

  • 5- Watching a sunset:

In Jávea the daylight ends in a beautiful spectacle: its sunsets that have as protagonist the Montgo hill. It will take your breath away, its colors and beauty. Worth photographing.

  • 6- Stroll along the port:

The Port of Jávea preserves the essence of the town that gives it its name. Nearby you can find its typical seaside neighborhood called Duanes de la Mar. It is also an area full of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy good food and tapas.

  • 7- Tour the historic center:

The historic center of Jávea is located 2 kilometers from the coast. We recommend that you wander through its narrow streets to admire the architectural legacy left by different civilizations over the centuries. Among its most significant buildings you will find: the Church of San Bartolomé, the Municipal Food Market, and the Historical and Ethnological Museum.

  • 8- Doing a route in the Montgo Natural Park:

A symbol of the city is the 750 meters high mountain that somehow joins the coastal towns of Jávea and Denia. The park has several routes to enjoy it as: The Route to the Racó del Bou, the Route to the Cova de L’aigua, the Route to the Cova del Camell and the Route to the Cima del Montó.

  • 9- Scuba diving:

Get to know the other side of Jávea, the one you can only see if you dive under its waters. It is a magical world. Some of the most popular dive sites are: Cabo de San Martin and Cabo de San Antoni, with its wonderful marine fauna and flora.