Jávea is a charming place. A small paradise on Spain’s Costa Blanca, which once you get to know it, you’ll want to repeat again and again. Why does it have so much charm? And what makes it so special for camping? Here are 5 reasons to go camping in Javea… Once you read them you will want to live this experience!

Ideal climate

Jávea’s climate is the second best microclimate in the world. The average annual temperature is between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius. This means that winters are quite friendly and summers are not excessively hot.

The mountainous barrier of the Montgó, is the one that protects the locality from the continental cold of the winter. On the other hand, sea winds and easterly breezes soften the summer heat.

Under these conditions you can camp almost any time of the year. You only have to choose.


When in the same place you find a mountainous formation such as the Montgo and dream coves and beaches, you know that you are in the right place to live great experiences.

Jávea’s coastline consists of coves, beaches, cliffs, islands, caves and capes. So much is its natural wealth that it has several protected areas: a Natural Park, a Marine Reserve and 6 microreserves of plants.

To admire all this beauty, you have 14 viewpoints spread along the coast. Spectacular!

Routes and activities

One of the things campers love most is contact with nature. Hiking will allow you to enjoy the natural landscapes of Jávea. Fortunately, there are different established hiking trails – you just have to experience them!

Its beaches and coves are ideal for diving or snorkeling, so wear your masks and discover the fascinating marine world. Other activities like kayaking, paddle surfing and many more.


From January to December, Jávea offers a wide variety of traditional and cultural festivals and celebrations. During the summer, most of the most popular fiestas are celebrated, such as Fogueres de Sant Joan, Nit dels Focs (June) and los Moros y Cristianos (July).


Xábia has an admirable gastronomic tradition. Many critics consider it one of the largest gastronomic cities in Spain. This city combines its traditional flavours, such as its rice dishes, with the influence of foreign cuisine. Sensational!