5 advantages of winter campsites in Jávea

Campsites can offer a truly rewarding experience in winter, especially in Jávea. Here are the 5 advantages of winter camping in this fascinating location:

  • The climate is the first and main reason we give you to come to a campsite in Javea in winter. Javea has the second best micro climate in the world. The first in Europe! That is to say: you will not find in all of Spain or Europe a friendlier climate to spend the winter than in Jávea. Year-round temperatures range from 9 °C to 28 °C. Goodbye to harsh winters! In Jávea you will have a great time!

  • They are more economical and quiet. Winter is low season in Jávea. You will be able to get cheaper prices than the rest of the year. But if you also enjoy tranquility: it is a good season to get away from the crowds. In winter, there are not as many people visiting campsites in warmer climates. And you will be able to better enjoy the environment.

  • Activities: in Jávea the weather is milder, and for that reason we can enjoy more of the environment and nature, without the high summer temperatures. You will be able to go hiking, trekking, biking or mountain sports in general without worrying about extreme weather.

  • Comfortable lodging in a natural environment. One of the great advantages offered by the campsites are the bungalows. An accommodation that offers you comfort in a natural environment, and they are also very cozy. They are usually very well equipped with bathroom, kitchen and heating. It’s like having a small house in a different environment.

  • They adapt to your needs. Are you traveling as a family, with friends or as a couple? Most campgrounds offer facilities that are ideal to enjoy with a partner or family. Within the same campsite you can get the basic services you need, plus bar-restaurant, sports facilities, and even special areas for your pet.

We can only tell you to prepare yourself with comfortable clothes and go to the campsite with an explorer spirit because you will have a great time.